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Most turkey are killed shortly after daylight when they are coming off of the roost. Without a doubt this is the adrenaline rush that turkey hunters are looking for. However, if you don’t get that gobbler shortly after he hits the ground then your chances of bagging him goes down quickly, unless you have a mock turkey dusting site. After turkey have browsed for a couple of hours they usually like to relax and dust themselves to get rid of mites and other pest. If you know where such sites are then you have a second chance to bag that...

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Have you ever planted a food plot only to have the seed eaten by wildlife before it ever had a chance to sprout? If it isn’t the crows scratching up the seed, then it's the hogs, and many times it's even the turkeys that gobble it up. By the time season opens there is nothing left but a few sprigs of grass here and there. Our Scare Dancer® line of products was originally designed for backyard gardeners and farmers, but with advent of the battery operated Grackle model, we've opened the door for many new applications. Here is how to use the Grackle...

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Before you resort to an expensive ten foot fence barrier to protect your garden from deer, consider the most effective deer deterrent of all - the element of surprise.While a deer’s main goal is survival, they seem know that what you plant in your garden tastes much better than anything in the wild and are willing to venture outside of their comfort zone to get it. The key to keeping the deer away is to speak to it's survival instincts and make it ask itself "Is this worth the risk?" before it comes too close. A deer’s survival is based on...

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