About Us

The mother of our products is the same as most other inventions -- necessity. Our products came into existence because there was no practical or effective solution for the small farmers and backyard gardeners like us to protect the fruits of their labor.

After years of trying all of the other devices that were on the market with no success, we decided to try something totally different than anything that had ever been used to protect a farmer’s fruits and vegetables from unwanted bird and animal pests.

This project led to the invention of the first Inflatable Scarecrow ever created that we called "AirCrow®, the first scarecrow with brains."

It is now our goal to provide the agriculture market with a reliable and cost effective way of effectively and harmlessly deterring pests.

We will continually endeavor to maintain a high level of research and development and bring new products to the marketplace while maintaining the service and integrity of every product we sell.