About Us

The mother of invention is necessity and that's no different when it comes to AirCrow® products.

Our first product line originally came into existence because there was no practical or effective solution for small farmers and backyard gardeners like us to protect their fruits and vegetables from birds and animal pests.

After years of frustration and trying all of the other devices that were on the market with no success, we decided to try something radically different than anything that had ever been tried before. This project led to the invention of the first inflatable scarecrow ever created which is now sold under our Scare Dancer® brand.

The results were outstanding. For the first time, we were able to keep the majority of the fruit we worked so hard for without sharing it with the birds.

Following this success, it is now our mission to continue to maintain a high level of research and development to bring more innovative solutions to the marketplace for the common wants and needs of outdoor enthusiasts everywhere.