How to Make a Mock Turkey Dusting Site

How to Make a Mock Turkey Dusting Site

Most turkey are killed shortly after daylight when they are coming off of the roost. Without a doubt this is the adrenaline rush that turkey hunters are looking for. However, if you don’t get that gobbler shortly after he hits the ground then your chances of bagging him goes down quickly, unless you have a mock turkey dusting site.

After turkey have browsed for a couple of hours they usually like to relax and dust themselves to get rid of mites and other pest. If you know where such sites are then you have a second chance to bag that gobbler at midmorning. If you don’t know of such a site then make one. It’s simple, easy, and very effective.

For best results follow these simple steps:

  1. Find a place that is elevated. A small area no bigger than 10’ x 10’ can work.
  2. Find a place that gets sunlight most of the day but close to cover. This helps the soil stay dry and turkey don’t seem to mind being exposed while dusting.
  3. With a shovel, dig out several circular holes about 3’x3’ and about 10”- 12” deep and about 5’ apart. Scatter the excess dirt around the edges.
  4. With a half-and-half mixture of sand and potting soil, fill the hole back up to level ground. If you have any extra soil, just leave it in a closed 5 gallon bucket because you may want to add to the hole as the turkey scratch some of it out.
  5. Where it is legal, sprinkle some grain, such as corn or wheat, around the periphery of the hole to help the turkey find the dusting spot. Of course, all grain must be removed at a predetermined time before season opens. Once they find the spot then you will no longer need any bait.
  6. Check the spot periodically for activity and predetermine where you will set up for an easy kill.

Once they start coming to this site, all you need to do is add more dusting soil before each season. Dusting sites are used mostly by hens but where there are hens, there will be gobblers.

This is not a replacement for the excitement of gobbling one up off of the roost but it is the next best thing!

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