Wasp Out™ Hornet's Nest

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The Wasp Out™ Hornet's Nest is a waterproof, fake hornet's nest that looks so real they will never know the difference.

Using an artificial hornet's nest hast been a proven method to keep away WASPS, BEES, MUD DAUBERS, and many others from patios, decks, garages, deer blinds, boat houses, hummingbird feeders, gardens, orchards, etc.

Constructed of durable foam, this product will not only keep the wasps away but it is an excellent ornament that will last for many years.

Most wasps are very territorial and respect the hornet as the king of the wasps because they will prey on other insects including other wasps. When a scout wasp searches for a place to make a colony, they usually avoid building their nest in the near vicinity of an existing hornet's nest. Therefore, the fake hornet's nest acts as a natural, visual deterrent, leaving you with a WASP FREE zone.