Scare Dancer® Little Crow Inflatable Scarecrow™

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The Little Crow Inflatable Scarecrow™ is the perfect Scare Dancer® unit for those small patio and backyard gardens that are invaded by smaller pests such as birds and squirrels. Just turn it on and let the 6' Snake do the talking.

This bundle includes the following:

  • Little Crow blower
  • One 6' Snake inflatable*
  • Blower base
  • Two ground stakes

*Colors and styles may vary.

Will it scare my dog or cat?

The Inflatable Scarecrow rarely bothers domesticated animals. While your pet may initially show some curiosity, he will quickly grow used to it. Some of our customers have successfully used the Inflatable Scarecrow to keep birds from eating out of their pet's food bowl.

What type of pests will it work on?

It would be easier to list the types of pests that our products do not work on. We can safely say that this product will not scare away bug pests, but should be effective against any wild animal or bird pest.

Won't the pests just get used to it like everything else?

After years of extensive testing, we have found this to not be the case. Unlike other pest deterrents, the movement of the Scare Dancer® inflatable is too lifelike and erratic for pests to get used to it. In addition to this, the inflatables are colorful and make a popping noise for an added effect. Also, you can further increase the unpredictable nature of the product by using the accessory timer to control when and how long you want your Inflatable Scarecrow to run. Elevating the inflatable will also help enhance its effectiveness. Quickly the pests are forced to find another feeding area and will stop coming back altogether.

How much area will it cover?

We have found the Little Crow model typically protects about a 1/2 acre or more. It also depends on the type of pest you are trying to deter. Ultimately it will come down to you testing the product in your own unique environment to see how much area coverage you can get out of one unit.

Does it run on batteries?

No, this product runs completely off of electricity and can be plugged into a standard 120V electrical outlet.

How much electricity does it use?

The Little Crow model uses 2.2 amps.

Can I leave it in the weather?

As with any electrical device, we recommend bringing the product inside during extreme weather conditions. However, this blower is UL listed and outdoor rated.

How long will it last?

Our blowers have proven to last for several years under normal usage. The inflatables are also durable and may last for several seasons but will most likely need to be replaced every 1 to 2 seasons under heavy usage. Replacement inflatables are available for purchase.

Does it include a warranty?

Yes, the blower comes with a six month limited warranty. The inflatables are not warrantied except for manufacturer defects.

What kind of material are the inflatables made of?

The inflatables are made of silicone coated ripstop nylon fabric.

Is it waterproof?

It is not waterproof, however, it can be used outdoors in most weather conditions as long as any electrical part of the unit and any electrical line is not in contact with the wet ground.  As with any outdoor electrical device, it is imperative that you use a ground fault circuit breaker for your unit to help prevent any electrical hazards.