Scare Dancer® Grackle Plus Inflatable Scarecrow™

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Introducing the Grackle Plus Inflatable Scarecrow. It's more powerful than its predecessor and capable of flying the larger 6' Snake. This portable, 12 volt battery operated Inflatable Scarecrow™ (battery not included) is the perfect alternative to the Little Crow for keeping pests out of small gardens where electricity is not available.

This bundle includes the following:

  • Grackle blower
  • One 6' Snake inflatable*
  • Timer (30 seconds on / 7 minutes off)
  • T-post bracket
  • Mounting plank

Not included:

  • T-post
  • 12 volt battery (See FAQ for suggestions.)
  • Solar panel

*Colors and styles may vary.

Which type of battery should I use?

Almost any 12 volt battery should work. We recommend using a 90-100 amp hour marine rechargeable battery for extended battery life.  Smaller batteries will need to be recharged often. A solar panel is an option for some users.